Magical Silver Jewelry


Magical and symbolic jewelry serves multiple purposes. Not only are they able to capture the essence of beauty, but they also help to keep their wearer centered and focused. Therefore, they are used for personal decoration, allowing the wearer to continue to work on their personal magic and as a statement of belief or support.

The alchemical qualities of the metals, the healing properties of the stones, the personal beliefs and spells of the owner – this is all passed on to pieces of personal adornment. Wearing magical and symbolic jewelry is very gratifying, their magical essence is unmistakable. Magical jewelry provides its owner with enhanced abilities and stimulates personal progress, allowing them to move forward, to grow and succeed in work, education or personal relationship.

Willowroot Wands sells uniquely designed jewelry. Each piece is cast in sterling silver at a foundry in the Sierra Mountain foothills in California.

Please know that our pendants, earrings and rings are created to be worn and valued as personal treasures.

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