Harry Potter & Magical Living

Harry Potter lives a life surrounded by Magic and magical things, and so do you and I, but most of us just haven't learned to see it yet. Most people settle for living a life under the stairs. Even Harry had to be taught to see, to believe, and to use his Magical Powers.

Of course, Harry Potter is a fictional Wizard with Storybook and Fairy Tale Powers. Your magical powers aren't nearly as flashy and whiz-bang as Harry's powers, but you DO have great powers within you waiting to be trained and used for good in the world. Like Hermoine, Ron, and every other apprentice Wizard or Witch, you will have to study, and be patient to connect with your true powers.

Begin by becoming aware of the Magic that is around you, the magicv in a sunrise, the magic in a bird's song, the magic in the night sky and the busy city streets. Everywhere we look, there is something magical, something unexpected, and something worth seeing, REALLY seeing!

Focus is where all Magic begins, so begin by practicing to Focus and stay focused on one thing. Choode something, anything, a leaf, a patch of ground, a crystal, or a creature and focus on it, let your mind see all that it is, all that it feels like. Let all your sense be involved, what does it look like? feel like, smell like? sound like? what kind of energy does it radiate? As you stay focus on the object for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, a half an hour, you will begin t see and fee things you never noticed before. You may begin to actually "see" the energy of the thing.

The more you see, the more you will want to see. Go deeper, let your mind play with magnifying the object, and making it smaller, play with your focus and see all the different ways you can see the same thing. Get a notebook, and make notes about what you see, and what you think about what you see. This notebook will become an important tool for your Magical Practices in the future, so write dwn as much as you feel like.

Everyday, practice focusing, and keep doing it everyday, until intense focusing comes really easily when you want to do it.