Goddess Trine Pendant – Sterling Silver



A celebration of the Goddess in many forms, the Goddess Trine Pendant combines the representations of three Goddesses (Cycladic, Vinca Venus and Spiral) in one elegant pendant.

Cycladic figurines are restrained in expression and refined in execution. Their simplistic lines vividly tell the story behind the figure, whether sitting or standing. Vinca art dates back to ~ 5,000 BC from the area which is now known as Yugoslavia. Although similar to Cycladic art in expression and execution they feature a more realistic approach to body styling. The Spiral Goddess Pendant is an original archetype design created by Abby Willowroot.

Hand cast in sterling silver, our Goddess Trine Pendant
brings together three strong Goddess representations.
Together, these Goddesses radiate wonderful, healing energy.

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Weight 4 lbs
Goddess Trine Pendant - Sterling Silver Stones



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