The Wise One Pendant – Sterling Silver


We have stories to tell, stories that provide wisdom about the journey of life. What more have we to give one another than our ‘truth’ about our human adventure as honestly and as openly as we know how?
– Rabbi Saul Rubin

Medieval Europe was, for the most part, a patriarchal society. An intelligent woman was often shunned, considered to be a witch. This knowledge, this wisdom was oftentimes centered on the healing arts – on the use of herbal medicines and serving as the village midwife. Skills in the healing arts were passed from woman to woman through the stories they told.

The Wise One Pendant shows a witch with flowing hair, in traditional dress, holding her broom. Ancient healers, wise women, midwives, and sorceresses are called forth in this piece.

Hand cast in sterling silver,
The Wise One Pendant
honors the witches of today and those of the past.
It is a celebration of the wisdom of witches.


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Weight 4 lbs

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