Brigid Goddess Pendant – Sterling Silver



Brigid is a powerful Goddess and Saint. She is the beloved patron Saint of Ireland; Goddess of poets, healers, bards and metalsmiths.

Healers are inspired to find alternative as well as traditional cures. Brigid watches over midwives as they help women to give birth. She helps poets, writers and artists to reach deep within their souls; to draw upon their inner being and their deepest truths allowing then to express this in their art. Brigid inspires metalsmiths to hone their skills, flow with the minerals of the earth and to give their ideas a solid form.

Our Brigid Goddess Pendant brings healing, inspiration and affirmation to the wearer and features a traditional Brigid’s Cross between her braids.

Hand cast in sterling silver, the Brigid Goddess Pendant is an original Goddess archetype created by Abby Willowroot.

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