Moon Dancers Pendant – Sterling Silver



Celebrating and calling on the new and full moon is a source of inspiration and transformation. Lunar power directly and indirectly influences our lives on many levels. By creating a conscious connection to this force we can harness the power of the moon to nourish the journey of growth and insight.

Our Moon Dancers Pendant celebrates gathering together in a Circle, the rituals that are performed and the passage of the moon through her sacred, eternal cycle of renewal and rebirth. The dancers are framed by graceful trees with a 5mm stone set in their branches. The energy of this beautiful piece expresses the joy, healing and affirmation of the Pagan and Goddess paths – seeking a life in harmony with nature and to walk lightly and strongly upon the earth.

Hand cast in sterling silver, the Moon Dancers Pendant
is an ideal piece of jewelry for women who have the courage to follow their spirit into the realms of the Great Goddess.

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Weight 8 lbs


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