About Our Wands

Serving the Metaphysical Community Since 1967

Hi, Enjoy the magical things we create for you here at Willowroot Wands. This page should answer a few of your questions

Focus your personal powers

Bestow blessings and give out wishes

Invoke the Goddess or God in a ritual

Cast a circle for rituals and spells

Access, amplify, and channel your energy

Sanctify and purify a space or place

Amplify and recharge your magical skills

Charge objects and jewelry with magical energy

Empower change and empower yourself

Manifest your desires and ideas into reality

Access other realms and hidden knowledge

Unify psychic power and amplify perceptions

Cast Magical Spells

"Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands" are created from the finest materials and carefully crafted with positive intention. We are always aware that we are not just making an object, we are making a Magic Wand! . . . maybe Your Wand. All of the stones we use are cleansed and "smudged". All of our Wands are Blessed upon completion.

For over 40 years Abby Willowroot has been creating sacred imagery for the Metaphysical community. That experience and the insight it brings have been woven into these amazing Tools of Transformation.

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Abby first began creating Magic Wands in the early 1980's and showed them at the California Renaissance Pleasure Faires. The following for her beautiful "one of a kind" Wands grew and grew. Time limited the number of Wands that could be made and the demand quickly outweighed the supply.

Now, a select edition of Abby's Wands are available for those who want the magic and artistry, but prefer a more economically priced Wand.

The Letter

How it all works

This is a letter I wrote in response to a question about the Wands, I hope it gives you a deeper understanding of the process and the energy behind these Wands.

Our Wands are called "Real" because they aren't just thrown together, they are designed, and made with great care, to utilize what I know about energy flow, the power of symbols to connect a person with their visions. The power of quality craftsmanship to celebrate a person's beliefs is more important than most people realize. I have been practicing spellwork for more than 40 years, that experience, and the insights and visions I have gotten, has all gone into making these Wands.

You don't need to buy one of our Wands to have a "Real" Magic Wand, you can make one yourself from a fallen branch, or a length of metal. I myself, carve many wooden Wands, and paint them, and decorate them with colors, crystals, stones, and other things. Making a Wand for yourself is a wonderful experience that will help you understand how to work with Wands. A Wand is essential a Tool to fill with your own energy and intention, and there are many ways to do it. My suggestion is to follow your own instincts when making a Wand, and you will never go wrong.

Magic is deep within all of us, a Wand is just a Tool for helping access that power and project it into the Universe.

Our Wands do come with a instruction sheet that shows you how to get started working with your Wand, how to dedicate and consecrate it and a few spells. These are simple Spells for Healing, Prosperity, Love, Claiming Your Power, Balance etc.

When making the Owl Moon Messenger Wand I was focusing on the energy of Owl, as I sculpted the feathers, I focused on Owl's incredible watchful calmness, and on the ability of Owl to see what is often hidden. For me, when I make something like this, I become the Owl, and vision all the ways that my energy will be used to make positive change, and the energy of those drawn to Owl Powers.

No Wand will give you powers that you don't already have within you, but a good wand can help you to amplify and grow your own powers. I hope this helps you understand a bit better what our Magic Wands are about, and what they can do.

Magic Wands are available in Pewter Some Wands contain Natural Stones and Crystals, some have Austrian Crystals and contemporary synthetic stones, and some Wands contain both. As an Artist, I do not limit myself to any one category of materials. Wands are designed and grow organically on an "Energy Level" that growth often dictates the stones and symbols used. Each Wand design is unique and balanced.

As One-of-a-Kind, & Limited Edition Magic Wands become available, they will be added to the Website.

A Magic Wand is a very personal metaphysical tool. It is not the price, but the quality and content that determines the value of a Magic Wand. You, as the Wand User will have to decide which of these fine Wands best speak to You.

Magical Blessings,

Kim Kelley