Cycladic Venus Pendant – Sterling Silver



Cycladic figurines are restrained in expression and refined in execution. Their simplistic lines vividly tell the story behind the figure, whether sitting or standing. Typically the figures are frontal in stance and geometric in style with the arms folded above the belly. They are designed to be viewed frontally only and not from the sides. Many, especially those who have considered these sculptures from an anthropological or psychological viewpoint have felt they were representative of a Great Goddess of nature. Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, was originally believed to be associated with gardens and fruitfulness (a Goddess of nature).

Honoring this connection, our Cycladic Venus Pendant depicts the Goddess in the style of Cycladic sculpture. This pendant is simplistic yet retains a unique beauty that is oftentimes associated with Venus.

The Cycladic Venus Pendant is cast in Sterling Silver

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Weight 4 lbs


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