Jeweled Broom Pendant – Sterling Silver



During medieval times brooms were a symbol of female domesticity. Women would often push her broom up the chimney or prop it outside the door to show to callers and neighbors that she was out of the house. It was an easy step to believe that witches, who purportedly could fly, would use their most common tool and soar up the chimney on it. Soon the broom became intrinsically linked with witches. In modern times, brooms are reminders of the power and unlimited possibilities of the Wiccan path.

Our Jeweled Broom Pendant is a subtle reminder of the powers of magic and freedom that are the essence of every witch.

Hand cast in sterling silver, the
Jeweled Broom Pendant
is a beautiful piece of jewelry for any Wiccan or Witchy person to wear and enjoy.

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Weight 4 lbs


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