Snake Priestess of the Minoans Pendant – Sterling Silver



The prevailing and beloved deity of the Minoans was the Snake Priestess. She was considered to be a priestess, a giver of life and the Lady of Nature and Animals. She was nature personified. Caves on Crete were thought to be both her wombs and tombs as death was seen as a meaningful transition of the soul into the afterlife. The ancient groves of sacred trees were her original temples. The twin-peaked mountains considered to be her nurturing breasts related to the axis of some of the Island’s Palaces. The mythical labyrinth, first a reflection of the multitude of caverns then seen in the palace designs, were thought to be symbolic of the meandering, nonlinear nature of life’s mysteries. The Snake Priestess taught a strong reverence for life – with all its wild beauty, natural processes and passion for self expression.

Snake Priestess of the Minoans Pendant
inspires the wearer to recall, from the shadows of the past,
a wondrous belief in the oneness that can be felt with the benevolent universe.
This pendant is hand cast in sterling silver.


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Weight 4 lbs

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