Maid – Mother – Crone Pendant



One of the most powerful signifiers of the Wiccan faith is that of three moons – waxing crescent, full, and waning crescent. One of the most powerful symbols of the Goddess is the moon. Just as the moon constantly transforms itself from waxing to full to waning, so too the Goddess is said to have three faces: the Maiden – the waxing crescent moon, the Mother – the full moon and the Crone – the waning crescent moon.

The Maid – Mother – Crone Pendant is small, but has substantial weight, since it is a full round sculpture. A perfect amulet for any woman, it features the faces of all three aspects of the goddess.

Hand cast in sterling silver, this is a perfect gift for a woman who is going through any of life’s passages. It honors the Goddess, honors women, and honors the cycles of our lives.
The Maid – Mother – Crone Pendant is a very popular Croning gift.

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Weight 4 lbs


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