Dedicating your Wand and a few Spells

Working with your Wand You are beginning an exciting journey. One that will take you deep within and expand your universe at the same time. Working with a fine metaphysical tool is a powerful way of connecting with the forces of the Cosmos & your place in it. What should I do first? Before working with your New Wand it is important to fill the Wand with your positive intentions and personal power. Begin by sitting quietly with your Wand and meditate on what drew you to this particular Wand. Examine the Wand and let your fingers flow over the detail and absorb the feel of your Wand. Notice the different textures & patterns. Relax and enjoy this "getting acquainted" time. When the wand begins to feel familiar in your hands, you are ready to dedicate and consecrate your Wand. Consecrating Your Wand To make a wand truly yours it should be dedicated and consecrated. This is especially true if you are using your Wand in your spiritual practices & as personal power tools. Creating a Space Between Worlds You will want to "set the stage" for this small personal ritual. It is best performed outdoors in a quiet place, or a quiet space in your home. Assemble the things you will need: incense, several candles, a small bowl of water and one of salt. These represent the elements and will help you to connect with universal essence and bring your blessing into balance. A small mirror, to reflect the light of the candle Soft, healing music will help to relax and focus. You may also want to choose a beautiful piece of cloth to keep your wand wrapped in when you are not using it. This cloth will be blessed as part of your Wand dedication. Many people favor a cloth made of all natural materials, others choose their cloth by colors, pattern and energy they feel when looking at the cloth, both are fine. Whichever you choose, it should be heavy enough to provide a snug place for your Wand to nestle. The Dedication Sit comfortably on the floor, or at a table or altar. Place the mirror in front of you, with the incense just behind it. Place the bowls of water and salt on either side of the incense. You can also put some crystals or stones around the bowls. Place candles on either side of the mirror, but be sure there are an equal number of candles on each side. Now you are ready to begin dedicating your new wand. Take a deep breath in and slowly release it through your mouth, repeat this several times until you feel your heart and respiration flow into calmness. Visualize yourself becoming a part of all that is around you, a part of nature, a part of the earth, a part of all living things. Picture a vibrant beam of energy that begins above your head, passes down through your body and into the earth like tree roots. Continue to breathe slowly and see this shaft of energy grounding you and cleansing you. Release all care, stress, worry and negativity and let it transform these emotions into clear energy as it carries them deep into the earth from which we all came. Light the candles & incense. Gaze down into the mirror and see yourself as the miracle you are, a human who is connected to the Universe. Breath, is the Universe moving within you? Breathe in slowly and accept all the gifts available to you. Breathe in the scent of incense and the slight subtle scent of wax released as the candles burn. Be mindful of the importance of the ritual you are about to perform. Place your new Wand in the center of the mirror. Watch as the light of the candle plays across its surface. Begin to chant softly. "I am Life, celebrating itself." Repeat this several times, and when you are ready, pick up your wand in both hands and raise it above your head. As you do this chant "This Wand is my tool to pierce the veils of mystery and bring the magic through". Focus on the Wand and open your heart and spirit to accept this simple truth. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly. Lower your wand and hold it in front of you over the mirror saying. "By the power of the Elements I consecrate this Wand" Pick up the incense, pass it around your Wand, let the Smokey energy seep into your Wand. As you do this say. "By the powers of Air, I dedicate this Wand to the powers of inspiration and vision". Then put the incense down. Pick up a pinch of salt from the bowl and sprinkle it over your wand saying. "By the powers of Earth, I dedicate this Wand to the powers of manifestation" Circle your wand around the candle and pass it above the flame, first going left, then right, saying. "By the Power of Fire, I dedicate this Wand to the powers of creativity, cleansing, passion, vision, and dynamic action". Continue to breathe slowly. Now hold your Wand above the mirror again and dip your hand into the water. Sprinkle your Wand with water saying, "By the Powers of Water, I dedicate this Wand to the powers of healing, blessing, flow and new beginnings". Pick up the Wand Cloth and place it in the center of the mirror, and bless it with the Elements, saying, "By the powers of the Universe I dedicate this Cloth as a healing blanket". Place your Wand in the center of the cloth and wrap it up. Visualize your Wand living within the Cloth of Protection. When you are ready unwrap your Wand. Next, hold your Wand above your head again and say, "By the power of the Elements, I dedicate this Wand to the creative forces of Life". Lower your Wand, place it on the mirror, and take a moment to absorb the ritual, and the feeling inside of you. When you are ready, thank the Universe for the power of the Elements, and the blessings of your own life. Your Wand is now ready to be used. The more you work with your Wand, the more comfortable you will be with each other. Whenever you work with your Wand, you will want to create a sacred space. The way you setup for your Wand dedication is also a good way to setup for working with your Wand. Adding other items to your sacred space is fine. Popular items many people add are: seashells, leaves, pentacle, crystals, rocks, Athame, Goddess or God statues