Magic Wand Pendants


All Magic Wand Pendants comes in a velveteen bag
Always have a Magic Wand with You! Magic Wand Pendants by Abby Willowroot, beautifully crafted in 100% Lead-Free Pewter, with fine Gemstones, Spheres & Crystal. Each Magic Wand Pendant comes with a neck cord. These Magic Wand Pendants are a perfect gift for yourself or someone special! Designs for Wizard, Celtic, Wiccan, Goddess, Faery, Earth Spirit, Druid, Shamanic, Witchy, and other Magical Folks.

Any of our Wand Pendants can be tied to your larger Ritual Wands and be used along with your larger Wand, so that your Wand Pendant carries the energy of all your major Spellworkings. Or it can be used just by itself.
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