Ancient Wisdom Wands

Ancient Wisdom Wands

Ancient Wisdom encompasses all of the knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries. Some of these practices have survived through ancient writings, some through oral stories. These include:

Astrology – relates the movements of the stars and planets to events on earth
Confucianism – teachings stress self-cultivation and development of virtue
Divination – foretells / obtains guidance for the future using seemingly random acts
Hinduism – supreme goal is liberation from the cycle of birth and death
Jainism – emphasizes nonviolence to all living things
Zoroastrianism – regards the universe as an interplay between the forces of Good and Evil
Taoism – all parts of life are seen as a means of bringing themselves into harmony with the universe

There are also the native religions that pre-date most written accounts of religious practices. These varied by continent and then by population centers. Beliefs / rituals included:

Africa – belief in high god or creator god as well as many other deities and spirits that can help or hurt human beings. Rituals are practiced to appease gods or ancestral spirits.
Asia – believed that all major religions have origins in Asia. However, some tribes in Central and Southeast Asia practiced indigenous shamanistic religions
Australia, New Zealand, and Polynesia – no clear distinction between religious and secular realms. Humans are part of a larger whole, including supernatural beings, animals and plants. Cosmic order is maintained through the help of ritual practices
Europe – Pagan tradition where Gods / Goddesses from ancient pantheons are worshipped
Latin America – focused on maintaining close and intimate contact with the spirits of plants and animals that they depend on
North America – Venerated a wide range of spirits, often regarded as powers of nature. A cardinal tenet is that respect is owed not only to divine forces and other humans but to plants, animals, and the entire natural realm

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