Vinca Venus Goddess Pendant – Sterling Silver



Vinca art dates back to ~ 5,000 BC from the area which is now known as Yugoslavia. Although similar to Cycladic art in expression and execution they feature a more realistic approach to body styling. They feature full figured hips and mature breasts. Vinca statues are oftentimes armless, with legs merged into a solid base.

Our Vinca Venus Pendant is sculpted in the style of Vinca art. This pendant depicts her unique beauty in an ancient and unique art style.

The Vinca Venus Pendant is a simple yet strikingly elegant pendant. Her raised triangle vulva is reminiscent of the feminine generative powers – her raised breasts honor the sustenance and nourishment that the Goddess provides.

Hand cast in sterling silver, the
Vinca Venus Pendant
honors the wisdom and strengths of our distant past


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