Four Directions Wand -W38



The 4 Directions —

  • East — A land of the rising sun, of air — winds blowing across the lands, of new beginnings each day


  • South — A place of passion, fire, creation, inspiration — warm breath that reminds us of summer days.
  • West — A land of the setting sun — of water and Autumn’s whisper, blessing us with knowledge of the peace that follows a fruitful life.
  • North — A place of quiet, stillness, deep slumber — leaving us grateful for the knowledge and blessings that have come to us.

    The Four Directions Wand helps you to amplify your connection with the energies of our natural world. It is a powerful tool — grounding us as we explore the mysteries and wisdom of nature. A perfect wand for Calling the Quarters, its spiral shaft assists in the flow of energy to the sphere which amplifies, focuses and projects it. The wand is set with either a sodalite or dumortier sphere

    This simple, elegant 10” wand is cast from 100% lead-free pewter.
    The all purpose Four Directions Wand, is an Abby Willowroot Original Design.



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Weight 10 lbs

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