Faery Realm Wand -W84



Tir na nÓg, land of eternal youth, is the realm of the Faeries. Located just beyond the edges of the known map, this mystical land is said to be a place where beings never grow old, get sick or die – where the power of death and decay does not penetrate, a place where tears do not exist. In Tir na nÓg the magic of nature is overwhelming – the trees are perpetually in bloom, beautiful flowers bloom in all the fields and a wonderful aroma fills the land. So deep is the faery magic that the streams and rivers are clear enough to see the bottom, all the wild animals live in harmony and peace with one another and the land is so fertile that there is plentiful harvest even without any labor.

The Faery Realm Wand honors the magic of this mystical, beautiful land. Attuned to the magic of dreams and mystical visions, this wand is vibrant with the essence of Faery magic. The Faery Realm Wand is useful for anyone who has a strong belief in communication between the multiple plains of existence. This wand has a fluid and organic design and is topped by a shimmering multi-faceted Austrian crystal.

The 8.5” Faery Realm Wand is cast in 100% lead-free pewter.

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Weight 5 lbs


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