Yemaya Shell Wand -W53



8″ long

A gentle, graceful, healing Magic Wand that calls forth Ocean energy and the power of the Sea and her creatures. Mermaids, Dolphins, Whales and Sea Birds and their mysteries are the energy of this very special Magic Wand. The sphere is lightly held above a beautifuly detailed shell, spirals and a gemstone at the bottom complete this lovely Wand. The wisdom of Yemaya, Ijemanja, Oshun, Sedna, Mari, and all the Sea Goddesses are called forth in this Magic Wand. The Yemaya Shell Wand is an excellent Wand for all types of Spell work, especially those dealing with transformation, flow, hidden mysteries and healing. This Magic Wand is another favorite of Reiki Practicioners. The water energy of this Wandand provides flowing, fluid energy for any type of magical workings. The Yemaya Shell Wand is carefully crafted in 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for strength, conductivity, and beauty.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

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