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This is one of my very favorite Magic Wands. The energy of the Wand is both sharply energizing and softly fluid, the balance of these energies is harmonious and clear.

Tir Na Nog, land of eternal youth and the Fae are represented here in this Elements Wand,(the element of Fire is shown here.) The design in flowing and lyrical, with a strong organic feel. This is a finely balanced Magic Wand that fells very good in your hand.

Choose from Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Plain,(with no color embellishment). This is a perfect Magic Wand for all types of spell work. There is no crystal or stone, this is a purely metal Wand.

Fire – energizing, transformation, inspired action, electric connectivity, banishing, psychic insights, dynamic manifestation, shape shifting.

Stimulates the Immune System, invigorates the body and raises the spirit. This Wand is good for focusing on when you want to “jump start” your energy. Fire energy supercharges your body’s electrical and nervous systems. Fire is the energy of creation, cleansing and change. As you hold the Fire Wand, focus on seeing yourself begin to feel stronger and more empowered. Visualize the fire burning away sick and diseased cells in your body, and elevating and expanding your strength.


Earth – grounding, calming, healing, steady & solid energy, growth, new beginnings, green magic, reconnection with self, tree & faery magic, nature magic, transformation, manifestation.

This Wand grounds your energy and aids in stabilizing your body and your moods. The Green colors of this Wand promote new health growth and helps to solidify strength and balance in your body. Humans breathe deeply when they are surrounded by Green, so, if possible have healthy plants around you, in your home and at work. Use this Earth Wand to draw strength and healing from Nature and the plants around you. Visualize Spring, and new leaves, growing grass and a quiet woods as you hold the Earth Wand.


Air – energizing, communication, expansive energy, celestial, psychic energy, travel between time, spirit soaring, visions, unlimited possibility. A Wand that helps to promote deep breathing and carrying that healing breath to every cell in your body.

Air is the element that carries the electrical energy of the body, along with the Fire element. Breath deeply and slowly as you focus on the colors and patterns of the Air Wand. Allow yourself to exhale even deeper and more slowly than you Inhale, to clear stale air from your body and make more room for new, healing air to enter. Visualize open, clear skies, puffy clouds and yourself feeling relaxed and happy as you hold the Air Wand.


Water – healing, rebirth energy, creativity, universal onnection, flowing energy, subtle balamce, inter-species communication, replenishing and nurturing magic, mysteries and psychic skills.

This Wand will help bring harmony and balance to the tides within your body. 98% of our bodies are water, and the balance and quality of that water has great powers of healing. When you hold the Water Wand focus on seeing water as the first home of all life. Picture a calm bay, a quiet lake, and a tranquil pond, all being bathed under a peaceful sky. Next picture a rushing river, and an ocean beach with pounding waves. All of these water energies are within your body at all times, and when they are in balance, your body functions best. Hold the Water Wand in your hand and visualize the energy of the Water Wand washing sickness and disease out of your body, replacing it with a tide of healing, healthy energy.


Plain – Without Colors – the basic energy of this Magic Wand is both grounded and dynamic. This is a great all purpose Magic Wand. The texture and pattern on the shaft represent the fluid flow and dynamic tension which exist together in all aspects of Nature. You can work with this one Elemental Wand, and visualize the different Elemental Colors as you need them.


A great Element Wand in any of the 4 Element choices or Plain. These Wands are 11 inches long & made of the finest 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for conductivity, strength and beauty.

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