Ocean Mother Wand -W175



11″ long

The Magic and mysteries of the watery realm are called forth in the Ocean Mother Wand. Mermaids, whales, selkies, and sea creatures beyond imagining fill our folk tales and dreams. We are born of the Sea and it still calls to us. The Ocean Mother Wand is a mystical Wand that is fully detailed all the way around, with shells and watery swirls and spirals. The Sea and the mysteries of the deep are the essence of this flowing Wand. Mysteries and powers of the Psychic realms and the elemental, life giving powers of water energy and healing are among the properties of this exquisite Magic Wand. Like the smaller Yemaya Shell Wand, the Ocean Mother Wand is dedicated to Yemaya, Mari, Sedna, Oshun and the Ocean and River Goddesses of all cultures. The Seas unite all continents, all people and all life. Atop the Magic Wand, shells hold a sparkling, faceted Austrian Crystal. As pictured, the Ocean Mother Wand is available with some shells highlighted with soft, subtle colors, the Wand is also available without the color accents, just choose which one you prefer from the drop down box. This is an especially good Magic Wand for Psychic and Healing work. The Ocean Mother Wand is made of 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for strength, conductivity and beauty. Order Now! just click the “Add to Cart” Button above. You will be thrilled by the beauty and graceful flow of this impressive Magic Wand!

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Ocean Mother Wand



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