Elemental Swirl Wand -W37



The earth, the water, the fire, the air…..

The elements are relied upon for everything that we do or want to do. As we call the quarters / cast our circles these elements and their very essences are what we call to join us.

Spirals evoke a multitude of meanings but all relate to some aspect of life be it creation or humanity. The number of lines a spiral contains can relate to the belief structure of the community – 3 can mean the trinity, 4 the elements. Spirals can be representative of the spiritual paths that have been taken or of time – how time (or the journey) continues forward but continually wraps back upon itself.

Our Elemental Swirl Wand is a powerful reminder of the elements and the necessity to maintain their balance within life – life of an individual / life of a people. The highly textured shaft has a small sphere at the bottom and a sphere at the top. The Elemental Swirl Wand’s flowing design and prominent spiral amplify the energy that the user brings to it.

A unique Abby Willowroot design, this 11¼” wand showcases her signature spiral.
The Elemental Swirl Wand is made of the finest 100% lead-free pewter.


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Weight 1.5 lbs



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