Triple Moon Wand – (Venus on reverse) -W50



10 3/4″ long

This is a beautiful Magic Wand that celebrates the Moon, the Goddess, and the Sacred Cycles of Nature. On the front, is the Triple Moon, a sacred symbol in Pagan and Wiccan culture. On the back, is a small, fully sculpted, Venus of Willendorf figure. This Magic Wand has a smooth, spiraling shaft to amplified the energy of the user.

A fine 30mm Sphere is at the top of the Magic Wand, and is the focal point for the energy of your Spell or Meditation. This is a very special Magic Wand!

The Triple Moon Wand is proudly and carefully Made in the USA of the finest Lead-Free Pewter, for conductivity, strength, and beauty. Order Now! Just click the “Add to Cart” Button above. I know you will be very happy working with this unique Triple Moon Magic Wand!

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Weight 2.5 lbs

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