Spiral Goddess Book – Prayers, Blessings & Invocations


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A beautiful little book of Joy, Comfort and Inspiration, this is a collection of 88 Prayers, Blessings & Incantations that honor the Goddess, or are InterFaith (non-denomination) written by Abby Willowroot. This small book has 52 pages and is a great addition to any Pagan, Wiccan, Magical or Intrfaith home.

These are Prayers and Blessings that are perfect for everyday use. They will bring comfort, expand your awareness and open your spirit in many ways. The Invocation are used to summon the Goddesses, perform Blessings on others, and create a positive atmosphere around you.

Included in the Spiral Goddess Book are; Invocation of Hygeia, Hail Diana, Bridgit Prayer, Make Me Strong of Spirit, A Child’s Blessing, Interfaith Food Blessing, Night Prayer, a Simple Blessing, A Crone Winter Prayer, My Morning Prayer, and many more prayers, blessings & invocations,

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