Pocket Stone Set – Small



All stones and crystals have their own specific and unique energies, some are sharp and focused, others are soft and intimate; their energies can stimulate, calm, attract or repel. These sets offer a balance of energies, creating powerful stone combinations.

Our personal stone sets contain 3 to 5 stones that have been carefully selected to provide an optimal balance for ritual use. They can also be used passively as a reminder of what you need or want for your future.

The following sets are currently available:


  • Claiming Your Power ~ Deep inside all of us we have an unlimited source of power. These stones will help you to unlock your power in order to it use in positive ways.



  • Courage & Freedom ~ Each time a person shows their courage and stands up for what is right and true their own personal freedom grows. These stones are helpful in bringing about that courage.



  • Creativity ~ The Muse of creativity can be elusive. This set of stones can help you court your Muse ~ help you to keep an open spirit and a willingness to see things around you in a new or different way.



  • Druid ~ Amongst Ancient Celts the Druids were wise seers, respected scholars and diviners. These stones will help you to open yourself to the wisdom that they have to offer.



  • Faery Magic ~ It is said that the energy of the faery folk brings blessings and insight to the nature of our environment. Working with these stones can help you to attract them ~ but remember to treat Mother Earth with respect or they will bring negative energy into your life.



  • Goddess ~ Goddess energy is female power ~ it is a complex and nurturing wisdom and strength. These stones can help to bring out the true feminine within and to work towards a solid, nurturing, healing humanity.



  • Good Luck ~ Drawing good luck into your life can be achieved by working with the Laws of Attraction. Visualize the best outcome in a positive and cheerful manner. Use these stones to amplify your visualizations and to remind you to remain positive about your luck.



  • Green Man Grove ~ Celebrated since ancient times, the Green Man represents the male aspect of the ever renewing, ever vibrant life force of nature. Working with these stones can help you to be more aware and knowledgeable of the forces that are present in our sacred groves, fields and forests.



  • Inner Vision ~ There is an incredible wisdom ~ an eternal awareness of an ancient consciousness buried deep within each of us. This wisdom can be found through intense meditation. These stones can help to deepen your meditative state.



  • Love & Attraction ~ Attracting healthy relationships, whether a new one or to maintain the love you already have, means keeping your heart open and accepting of other’s differences. These stones are a daily reminder to allow continue being open and accepting of others.



  • Money Draw ~ Drawing money / abundance into your life can be achieved by working with the Laws of Attraction. Money comes to those who respect it and who use it wisely. When visualizing money coming into your life use these stones to center yourself during meditations.



  • Sobriety ~ Remember sobriety is a process ~ as you move forward life will get better and better. These stones provide a reminder that conscious sobriety brings about peace, joy and success.



  • Success & Power ~ Success can be achieved through positive actions and sustained focus. The resultant success brings about the power to create even more success. Work with these stones to focus on your goal and to visualize having already achieved it.



  • Witch’s Magic ~ Witches are seekers of justice and cosmic balance. They are adept at blessings, healings, divination and the psychic arts. These stones will help you to connect to the witch


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    Pocket Stone Set - Small

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