He Who Creates From His Heart – Pewter



Spirals evoke a multitude of meanings but all relate to some aspect of life be it creation or humanity. The number of lines a spiral contains can relate to the belief structure of the community – 3 can mean the trinity, 4 the elements. Spirals can be representative of the spiritual paths that have been taken or of time – how time (or the journey) continues forward but continually wraps back upon itself.

Our He Who Creates from His Heart Pendant is great for the man who desires to connect with the power of his emotions, inner visions and humanity. As the male counterpart to our Spiral Goddess, this pendant symbolize’s positive, healing, dynamic, male energy.

For too long, men have been isolated from their own emotions and their own intuition. This pendant is a reminder that every man can be strong, kind, courageous and compassionate without losing who he is.

He Who Creates From His Heart is made of Pewter. He is 3in tall  x 1 in wide.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × .1 in


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