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Epona is the ancient horse goddess of the pagan Gallic peoples whose name and worship spread throughout the Celtic and Roman worlds. At that time it was common to associate male energy with horned animals, such as the stag. It was natural then that the mare became associated with the feminine aspects of nurturing and fertility. Early carvings of Epona often show her with foals or feeding horses. Although she was the Goddess of horses she was also associated with fertility, maternity, prosperity, healing springs and crops. There are some who believe that she may have been the first Mother Goddess of Celts, predating even Danu.

Our Epona Pendant depicts her brushing down a small colt. Her gentle presence reflects a calm, nurturing essence.

Crafted from 100% lead-free pewter, the Epona Pendant is ideal for anyone who desires to have a wearable reminder of their association with horses.

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