Owl Moon Messenger Wand -W36



Owl is the night hunter and the keeper of ancient wisdom. Owls were sacred to the Goddess Athena, and are revered in a number of cultures. A companion to Harry Potter, as a messenger the owl’s approach is silent and swift. Throughout time Wizards and Witches have often been depicted in the company of an owl.

The Owl Moon Messenger Wand has subtle and mysterious powers. Acting as silent as an Owl’s wings, this wand whispers strength and stealthily weaves magic. This 10¼” wand features a sphere that represents the Moon and a spiraling smooth shaft with an Owl sitting at the top of the shaft beneath the branches and the moon.

Carefully crafted from the finest 100% Lead-Free Pewter, the
Owl Moon Messenger Wand
is an Abby Willowroot original design  

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Weight 2 lbs



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