Tir Na Nog Wand – Plain -W161NC



This is one of my very favorite Magic Wands. The energy of the Wand is both sharply energizing and softly fluid, the balance of these energies is harmonious and clear.

Tir Na Nog, land of eternal youth and the Fae are represented here in this Elements Wand The design in flowing and lyrical, with a strong organic feel. This is a finely balanced Magic Wand that fells very good in your hand.

You can also choose from Fire, Earth, Air, Water,(see the Tir Na Nog Elements Wand). This is a perfect Magic Wand for all types of spell work. There is no crystal or stone, this is a purely metal Wand.

Plain – Without Colors – the basic energy of this Magic Wand is both grounded and dynamic. This is a great all purpose Magic Wand. The texture and pattern on the shaft represent the fluid flow and dynamic tension which exist together in all aspects of Nature.

A great Element Wand as it is, without colors, the energy is strong and clear. The Wand is made of the finest 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for conductivity, strength and beauty. This wand is 11 inches in length.

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