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Witch Healer Pendant - Pewter

$12.00 each

In medieval Europe a ‘witch’ was often a wise person, usually a wise woman - one who was skilled in the healing arts. She may have had knowledge of ancient herbal medicines and was often a midwife as well. Her religious beliefs, if she had any, were more often than not a faith based on the ancient environment which surrounded her and thus she had a supreme belief in, and respect for Nature. Her faith lay in the sun, the moon, the forest, and in all livings creatures. She also had a special reverence for the seasons of the year and the seasonal festivals celebrating the change in the weather and the harvesting of crops.

Today, we are again seeing these witches in our midst. They are the herbalists, midwives and witch-priestesses who heal our spirits, bodies and hearts. Our Witch Healer Pendant is perfect for celebrating this tradition. A charming cloaked figure moves through the fog, bringing her cauldron and herbs. She is a healer, a guardian of ordinary folks. The pendant honors this much respected person, the midwife who brings babies safely into the world; the healer who is knowledgeable about herbs, ointments, and potions; the wise woman who people turn to in times of trouble, disease and sadness.

This beautiful
Witch Healer Pendant
is cast from 100% lead-free pewter
and serves as a celebration of witch healers past and present.


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