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Snake Star Pendant - Pewter

$20.00 each

Snake represents wisdom, rebirth, initiation and resurrection. The shedding of the snake’s skin symbolizes transmutation, the ability to alter one’s appearance, nature and form. Some cultures believed that the skin had magical properties - drawing thorns from the body, attracting luck and preventing fires.

The pentagram is a potent amulet against evil. The point that points upwards represents the spirit while the other four points reflect the four elements of the material world (earth, water, fire, air). The circle around the pentagram (transforming it in to a pentacle) is a symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and protection. To many, the pentacle represents the feminine spirit or force and the spiritualism of Mother Earth. The Snake and Pentacle together provide protection against evil while attracting luck.

Cast in 100% lead-free pewter, our
Snake Star Pendant
features an entwined snake which provides the circle for the pentacle.


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