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Snakes Moon Pendant - Pewter

$20.00 each

Hermes, herald of the Grecian gods and the patron of magic, carried the ‘caduceus’; a wand with two serpents entwined. Twin serpents are said to represent both positive and negative, two interacting forces which manifest throughout nature. Twinned snakes represent the interacting forces that wisdom, rebirth, initiation and resurrection contain. The shedding of skin symbolizes transmutation, the ability to change appearance, nature and form.

Clarity, reflection, and indirect deduction are gained by the passive subtleness the moon brings. Associated with the female, the phases of the moon closely match those of the triple goddess. Together the snakes and moon represent the subtle shifts and signs that come into our lives.

Our Snakes Moon Pendant serves as a powerful affirmation of personal belief for Wiccans, Pagans, Witches and Wizards.

Cast from 100% lead-free pewter, the
Snakes Moon Pendant
is a perfect talisman for personal protection.

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