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Greenman Running Through the Grove Pendant - Pewter

$19.00 each

Drumming, piping and chanting draws the GreenMan close. The slow, steady healing rhythm opens the psyche and expands awareness, attracting the playful and powerful aspects of the Greenman with his positive, balanced, life enhancing male energy.

In all his appearances the Green Man symbolizes irrepressible life, renewal and rebirth, the eternal cycle of life, death and regeneration. The combination with leaves and vegetation, moreover, can be said the be a symbol of the union of mankind with nature.

The GreenMan Running Through the Grove Pendant depicts the Greenman as he speeds through forest, fields, glens and mountains in celebration of his wild nature and the wild in Nature.

Beautifully crafted from 100% lead-free pewter the
GreenMan Running Through the Grove Pendant is true wearable sculpture
that can be easily placed on your altar by leaning it against a crystal when not being worn.


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