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Diana of Ephesus Pendant - Pewter

$14.00 each

“Glamorous nymph with an arrow and bow.”
---Bob Dylan

In Roman mythology Diana, goddess of the moon and of the hunt, was a goddess of the woodlands. She was chief hunter to the gods, goddess of nature and the harvest, guardian of springs and streams and protector of wild animals. Like the Greek goddess Artemis, with whom Diana was constantly identified, she was a goddess of nature in general and of fertility in particular. Especially revered by women, Diana was believed to grant easy childbirth to her favorites.

During the time when her temple stood in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) she was also referred to as "Queen of Heaven", "Magna Mater" (Great Mother), “Mother of the Animals”, and “Lady of the Wild Beasts”. Our pendant, Diana of Ephesus, represents a comprehensive figure of the divine feminine. The many pomegranate-like breasts that adorn Diana of Ephesus depict her as Mother Nature herself; fruitful and providing for all living things.

Cast in 100% lead-free pewter, this unique pendant comes with your choice of cord (purple, green or black) or a ball-chain.

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