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Web & Star Wand Pendant - Pewter

$29.00 each

A pentacle is a five-pointed star inside of a circle. It is believed that four of the points represent the elements (earth, water, fire, air) while the fifth represents the spirit. The circle binds these elements together representing unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and protection.  Many contemporary pagans, the pentacle represents the feminine spirit, the spiritualism of Mother Earth, a sacred space.

Spiders are associated with the Goddess Creatrix, and the web is the world and destinies she weaves. Symbolizing the interconnection and interdependence of all life a web reminds us that if we destroy one strand much of the web can then collapse.

Our Web & Star Wand Pendant reminds us to respect the interdependence of all aspects of our lives. Your choice of sphere can help you to create a personal talisman. Spheres available are:

  • Clear Quartz - harmony
  • Hematite – grounds and protects
  • Rose Quartz - emotional healing and inner peace
  • Red Jaspar – stimulating and protective
  • Black Onyx – guards against negativity
  • Tiger’s Eye – insight – focusing the mind
  • Aventurine – prosperity and perseverance
  • Sodalite - peace and harmony

Web and Star Wand Pendant
is 2” in length and cast from 100% lead-free <brpewter.

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