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Young Wizards Wand -W85

$44.00 each

7 1/2" long

A great smaller Wand for magickal folks of all ages. Two Celtic Interlaces adorn this magical tool, the shaft is highly textured and is a flowing, and strong design. The energy of this Magic Wand is focused and clear. A perfect Wand for carrying with you, wherever you go. This Wand works well with the Tika Wand Stand. This is also a perfect Magic Wand for younger folks because the Crystal tip is not sharp, and is not easily damaged. Like all our Wands, the Young Wizards Wand is made of 100% Lead-Free Pewter, fort strength, beauty and conductivity. Order Now! just click "Add to Cart" button above. You will be delighted with this great Magic Wand! 

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