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Spirit Speaker Wand -W31

$181.00 each

15" long

This Spirit Speaker Wand is not for everyone, it is very strong in its intensity. Shaman, Shapeshifters and Psychics are often drawn to the Shape Shifter Wand because of its uniquely organic energy. This Wand feels good in your hsnd and almost seems the shift its shape as you hold it.

The Spirit Speaker Wand carries the energy of Ancient Shaman. This is an incredibly powerful metaphysical tool that call forth the spiritual connections between humans and animals, plants, and minerals. The Spirit Speaker has carved faces, animals and other natural elements. This is my very favorite Wand. Making this Wand was a spiritual journey for me personally.

This amazing Wand also calls forth ancestor wisdom and the ways of Indigenous knowing. This is a good Wand for anyone who resonates with wanting to walk softly on the Earth.

I don't recommend a Wand Stand for the Spirit Speaker, it is an Organic Wand that rests best lying flat, on stones, an Altar cloth, or next to a green plant.

Like all our Magic Wand, the Spirit Speaker is crafted in 100% Lead-Free Pewter, for conductivity, strength and beauty.

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