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Are the Wands Real?

Yes, but they do not have the powers seen in the Harry Potter books & movies. Willowroot Wands are designed for Real Spell working and Meditation. Our Magic Wands are carefully designed and crafted to amplify and transmit your energy and Spells. See the "About Our Wands" section for more information.

Do they Work?

Yes, Our Wands work very well, as thousands can attest. However, they do not shoot sparks, levitate objects, fly, or turn your family members into toads, unless you have the powers to do that within you already. Real Magic isn't Flash-Bang-Zoom, it is quieter, more subtle, and harder to see coming, but it is amazing all the same.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1967, creating original metaphysical Jewelry, in the early 1980s I began creating Magic Wands also. Our Website for Willowroot Wands has been online since the year 2001.

How do I choose a Wand that's right for me?

Trust yourself! Look at all our Magic Wands and see which ones attract you most, but don't order it, wait and then come back in a day or two and see if the same Wands still draw you to them. If they do, start deciding which one seems the right one for you. It isn't the price or size that makes a Magic Wand right for you, it is the Wand's energy. Choose the Magic Wand that you really love!

Are Large Wands more powerful than Small Wands?

No, not necessarily, the power of a Wand depends a great deal on Your connection to the Magic Wand. The Wands that draws you is the ones you should choose. The unique energy of each Wand is capable of being used very effectively by the person drawn to that particular Wand. For Ceremonial work in Groups or Covens, a larger Magic Wand is recommended.

Do I have to be a Witch to have a Magic Wand?

No, all kinds of people buy our Magic Wands for all kinds of reasons. Some are Witches or Wizards and use our Magic Wands for Spell casting. Some people have always just wanted to have a Magic Wand, and put their Wand on a desk, coffee table or bookshelf, and they enjoy their Magic Wand daily, and benefit from the energy within the Wand. Some people use our Wands as focusing tools for Meditation, and in teaching others to meditate and focus. Some Reiki Practicioners and other Healers use our Wands in their healing practices. Many Psychics use our Wands in their psychic work. Some people use our Magic Wands in theatrical productions, movies and TV shows.

Why are Willowroot Wands so expensive?

They aren't expensive. A Magic Wand is metaphysical tool and should be well made enough to last you a lifetime, Willowroot Wands are! The price of our most expensive Wand is far less than a month's rent, a car payment, Our least expensive Magic Wands cost about the same as 10 medium size cups of Starbucks coffee. Our most expensive Magic Wands cost less than a week's rent.

The question is.......Do you want a high quality metaphysical tool? .... or.... a disposable trinket to amuse you for a short time? At Willowroot Wands we only make quality metaphysical tools, not trinkets.

Have there always been Magic Wands?

From the earliest human history people have used special sticks and objects as power objects and tools for contacting the Spirit World. A Magic Wand is such an object. Called, Wands in Magical practice, they are similar to Scepters, which are symbols of worldly authority and power. The Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Celts, Russians, and other culture used Scepters or Wands, the Queen of England still uses a Scepter today.

Will a Magic Wand give Me Powers?

A Magic Wand, any Magic Wand, will not give you powers you don't have within you, but it will help you to access and work with the powers that are within you. Often these are powers you don't even know you have. Using a Magic Wand helps you to focus and open your spirit and your mind to unlimited possibilities. A Magic Wand can also help you to expand the power of your own visions and your ability to manifest the life and changes that you want.

Do you make Custom Wands?

At this time there is a waiting list for Abby Willowroot Custom Wands, if you wish to be added to the list, e-mail

UPDATE - Abby is no longer accepting orders for the Custom Wands.

What if I don't like the Wand I ordered?"

As long as the Wand is not damaged and is in "as new" condition, with its Tbe and Instructions, just call us for a Return Authorization and we will refund your Credit Card in full, when we receive your Return.

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